Kevin Gillespie

Kevin’s journeys take him to Bellingham, WA, where he visits local egg producer Misty Meadows Farm. Funded partially by the Community Food Co-op’s community...Read more
The Twin Cities prove to be a hotbed for community co-op activity and success. At Minneapolis’ Seward Co-op, Kevin is greeted by fresh, colorful produce, high-...Read more
Gardens of Eagan is Kevin’s next destination, where he learns about the growers deep connection with the land and the nearby co-ops in Minneapolis. One of them...Read more
At Just Food Co-op in Northfield, MN, many of the local producers have become celebrities of sorts in their community.Read more
At Putney Food Co-op (founded in 1941) in Putney, VT, chef Kevin Gillespie learns about the co-op’s trailblazing founder, dedication to reflect its community,...Read more
Chef Kevin Gillespie takes a lesson if food biodiversity at Bellingham's Heritage Lane Farm.Read more
Chef Kevin Gillespie stops by Community Food Co-op’s annual celebration and learns about BUGS.Read more
Chef Kevin Gillespie learns about Sacramento and Davis co-ops' One Farm at a Time program.Read more
Chef Kevin Gillespie learns about the National Cooperative Bank and how it helps foster co-op growth across the nation.Read more
Passion and assistance by Sacramento Natural Foods and Davis Food Co-op help keep a small farm (Good Humus) going.Video premieres 4/30/12!Read more