Co+op, stronger together

Co+op, stronger together represents NCG food co-ops nationwide and their shared commitment to providing delicious, high quality, healthy food; supporting local, sustainable agriculture; and strengthening local communities. With 143 independent food co-ops and over 190 storefronts in 38 states, NCG brings together a wealth of experience and passion for great food. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Persimmons, with their sweet delicious flesh, are a winter delicacy. Learn more about this amazing fruit.
The sweetness of the pomegranate juice caramelizes these festive and delicious Brussels sprouts.
Sweeten up your morning just a little bit more with these tempting chocolate chip pancakes.
These festive, flavorful biscotti bites are a delicious holiday treat and keep well for holiday gift giving, too.
Tender acorn squash is filled with apple and dried cranberry stuffing for a delectable side or main dish.
Butter and chives add rich and delicious flavor to this simple, yet classic American favorite.
Walnuts, cranberries and a tangy dressing give this salad crunch and the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor.
This classic, easy pumpkin pie is one you'll want to make over and over again.
Equal Exchange is a leader in promoting fair trade and empowering small-scale farmer co-ops worldwide.
As a generation of farmers nears retirement, Organic Valley is helping to attract a new generation to family farms.