Casey Wilcox

Trained on the job, I've worked my way around the country, learning different cuisines, and working my way up the kitchen food chain. Originally from Syracuse, NY, I spent time in Las Vegas, as a pastry chef in Memphis, before sous chef at Uchi and finally executive chef at Justines in Austin.

Casey Wilcox demonstrates several basic knife cuts in this Co+op Kitchen video.
Sharpen up your kitchen skills as Casey Wilcox talks about how to choose kitchen knives in this Co+op Kitchen video.
This versatile vinaigrette serves as a sauce for blackened poultry, fish or meat and adds zest to veggies or potatoes.
This creamy sauce starts with a basic velouté and adds zest to grilled or roasted poultry.
Making dressings from scratch is simple once you understand the basic principles of emulsification.
This dressing adds a bright flavor to salads or raw vegetables and makes a great dip!
Ten minutes is all you need to make a mouth-watering blackened salmon fillet with this Co+op Kitchen video recipe.
This zesty dressing adds a kick to greens, cucumber, fish, or more delicate vegetables.
This warm dressing complements hearty salad greens, steamed collards or kale, and boiled potatoes or meats.
Casey Wilcox demonstrates how to add spice to your cooking by blackening salmon.