Barth Anderson

Barth Anderson is a former chief blogger at Fair Food Fight and current Communications Specialist at Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis, MN. He has roughly 20 years experience with the natural foods industry, working as grocery stocker, produce buyer, marketer, and organic certification coordinator at various natural foods co-ops across the country. Barth is also the author of two novels, The Patron Saint of Plagues and The Magician and the Fool.

The biggest argument in my brain these days is about GE foods and how dangerous they are.
I’m here to testify about the day I ate The Local Nectarine That Changed My Life.
"Whoa. This is organic?" he said. He pulled out another peach and ate it immediately.
I remember we were sitting at the big, wooden table in the kitchen and my roommates were praising Betsy. But I was too busy having my mind blown. It was one of those moments where a few words set off an avalanche of questions.
Certified organic food is still the routinely best option for safe, clean food with a lower impact on the environment.