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Cajun Spiced Catfish

Catfish’s assertive flavor is complemented by a lovely crust of spices in this baked (rather than fried) recipe.

Tortilla Snake Roll-Up

Get ready to rock and roll with this s-s-s-super lunchtime snack!

Mustard and Fried Tempeh Sandwich

Creole flavors, spicy mustard and earthy, satisfying tempeh are all wrapped into a warm tortilla for a perfect sandwich.

Beer Brats or Sausage

Poaching sausages in beer gives them a nice browned, snappy skin and infuses them with extra flavor.

Chinese & Japanese Cuisine

China and Japan’s have culinary traditions have been thousands of years in the making—which means time-tested recipes.

Cara Cara and Blood Orange Salad

This truly simple and absolutely gorgeous salad is the perfect way to bridge the gap from winter into spring.