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Split Pea Soup with Spinach

This soup will warm you from the inside out; enjoy it with hearty bread and salad for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Inside-Out Lasagna

This super quick, flavorful version of lasagna skips the layering and long baking time.

Roast Turkey Hash

What to do with Thanksgiving meal leftovers? This turkey hash is perfect for any meal of the day. For a vegetarian version,…

Classic Wild Rice Soup with Turkey

Perfect for fall weather, simple to make and a delicious way to use up leftover turkey. Or make a vegetarian version.

Soft Whole-Wheat Dinner Rolls

There’s nothing like homemade dinner rolls (and bread!)—the aroma while baking and amazing flavor that can’t be beat.

Red Curry Shrimp and Kabocha Squash

Kabocha squash’s dense, meaty texture and natural sweetness are played up with spices in this delightful red curry